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Subject:   Tom=misinformation (not to mention rudeness)
Date:   2002-04-17 21:10:46
From:   tom_1
Response to: Tom=misinformation (not to mention rudeness)

> I mean that JBoss group as a copyright holder can close source at any time.

And I keep telling you JBoss Group does not own the copyright to the code. You seem to be having trouble grasping this simple fact. The developers each own copyright to their respective code. When you contribute code to JBoss, you are not asked to give up your copyright.

Marc Fleury owns the trademark to the JBoss brand. Trademark is not copyright.
> Lutris was IN FACT open source.

Lutris makes (made?) many products. Enterprise Enhydra was their planned J2EE offering. It was never released under an Open Source license, and the reason given by the Lutris representatives on articles and forum postings is because Sun does not allow J2EE certified vendors to distribute the source code under an Open Source license. These statements are easy to find on the web. Even by you, Matt.

> Enhydra was based on JOnAS, which is Open Source.

Yes it is. And as far as I understand, Lutris' plan was to base their J2EE product (Enterprise Enhydra) on JOnAS EJB container. Nothing mysterious about that. However, JOnAS is not certified by Sun, and according to Lutris representatives they were unable to negotiate a license with Sun that would allow them to certify an Open Source J2EE application server.

For someone claiming to follow the industry closely, you sure do spout alot of bullshit without bothering to check even the basic facts.

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  • Tom=misinformation (not to mention rudeness)
    2002-04-18 12:59:26  mdubord [View]

    Still no clarification on who you are and what your relation to JBoss group is, though your bombast is toned down a little.

    And you are still not reading the posts by JBoss group about Lutris. Comment on that please. And please post quotes that back up your statements.

    • Tom=misinformation (not to mention rudeness)
      2002-04-18 18:16:30  tom_1 [View]

      do a fucking web search, you moron
      • Tom=misinformation (not to mention rudeness)
        2002-04-19 07:53:04  mdubord [View]

        OK Tom, it's becoming a little suspicious and appears that you have something to hide. You are repeatedly ignoring my requests for you to clarify your relation to the group.

        I know it's probably difficult for you to read a sentence from beginning to end, but try this one: