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  Building J2EE Projects with Maven
Subject:   Can't find Maven 1.1 beta 2 to download
Date:   2005-09-10 03:27:10
From:   andrew.bruce.law
Potentially I'm missing the obvious, but can anyone make it a little clearer as to where I go to get Maven 1.1 Beta 2?

TIA, Andrew

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  • Can't find Maven 1.1 beta 2 to download
    2005-09-12 01:10:55  vmassol [View]

    Hi Andrew,

    You're not missing anything obvious! Maven 1.1 beta 2 has only been released today. You can get it at http://maven.apache.org/start/download.html

    • Got it!
      2005-09-14 08:45:43  andrew.bruce.law [View]

      Cheers Vincent,

      Got it, installed it, building my repository now...

      Cheers, Andrew