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Weblog:   Google Talk and iChat SSL Error - 9843
Subject:   Updates
Date:   2005-09-09 08:26:21
From:   rhussmann
The only update that I've installed is iTunes 5.0. The other ones (Quicktime, Quicktime SDK, and the iTunes phone update) are still sitting in my software update bin. I'm also running the latest public Tiger build (10.4.2). However, I'm still getting the same error that you are.

Google has recognized the problem and are apparently working on it:

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  • Updates
    2005-09-18 21:23:18  SKoshy [View]

    I have the same problem too. happens even before the updates. The google link shown does not say that they are working on the problem.

    • Updates
      2006-04-13 22:24:07  JtwotheJ [View]

      make sure it says "talk.GOOGLE.com" not NOT NOT talk.gmail.com

      fixed the problem for me.

Showing messages 1 through 2 of 2.