Filtering IDS Packets
Subject:   ip still in weblog after filtering
Date:   2005-09-03 17:25:05
From:   nbox
Response to: ip still in weblog after filtering

hi, will this line of code go in my htaccess file?

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset

if i want to block access?

i just didnt understand when i added a 'new rule' to block that ip address via the linux gui
why it still showed up in the log file.
do the ip's still show up in the log when they are set to be denied all access? could it be a spoofed ip?

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  • ip still in weblog after filtering
    2005-09-04 11:48:42  don_parker [View]

    Hi there,

    I am afriad that my IP Tables rule syntax is rusty due to lack of use, and I am not completely sure of your setup either. Due to that I would prefer not to give what could be potentially bad advice. Perhaps you could state the entire issue, and all the variables ie: Using Apache v2.x.x and all the other details.