How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Little confused about multiple computers and same email
Date:   2005-09-02 18:12:15
From:   jehrler
Well, I followed the tutorial and got some certs and that is working fine.

But, my wife and I share access to some emails (like sales! ones) and I want both of us to be able to sign and encrypt off the same email address off each of our computers

I created the cert using my main email address for sales and thought I could just copy the cert over to my wife's keychain for her to use it when she sends email from that same email account.

Doesn't work.

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  • FJ de Kermadec photo Little confused about multiple computers and same email
    2005-09-03 03:02:03  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]


    First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to post here! :^)

    Certificates are linked to your e-mail address and, therefore, should work on multiple machines although doing so increases the risk that your private key will be compromised.

    However, in order to install the certificate on a second computer, you will need to copy the file you downloaded by using Firefox (the one you import in your Keychain) and not something that already is in your Keychain as doing so is likely to leave elements behind. Maybe one of the keys or certificates got lost in the transfer?