Improving Network Reliability with Keepalived
Subject:   Use CARP instead !
Date:   2005-09-02 01:51:27
From:   blaa
VRRP has a long story of being encumbered by Cisco patents. It is better to use OpenBSD developed patent-free CARP protocol (Common Address Redundancy Protocol) as a replacement soluton. It is a lightweight, fast, reliable and security aware IP failover protocol. There is a userland implementation of CARP also for non-*BSD systems - visit
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  • Use CARP instead !
    2005-11-17 13:26:47  simpsonlang [View]

    I was an avid user of Keepalived in a production environment until we started having problems with it's stability.

    Mostly the problem was we would be on one stable release then the author would come out with a patch that would fix a problem but also introduce more functionality (including bugs).

    It burned us one to many times so management replaced it with a commercial solution.