Using Tomcat 4 Security Realms
Subject:   Tomcat Secure Realms for LDAP directory
Date:   2002-04-12 01:05:24
From:   schen01
I found that Tomcat has secure Realms for LDAP directory definition at tomcat official site.
why you don't have a section for descibing JNDI relams in the segment Using Tomcat 4 Security Relams.
I am encounterring a problem from it. Please kindly let me know if here is solution in place.

Thanks for help in advance.

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  • Tomcat Secure Realms for LDAP directory
    2002-06-19 12:46:22  markvovsi [View]

    I would also benefit from a section on Tomcat's integration with an LDAP directory/JNDI realm. I'm having problems setting up Tomcat to work with iPlanet Directory Server, since the treatment of person to role relationships seems to be different on the two servers. Any feedback to is appreciated. Thanks, Mark.
    • Tomcat Secure Realms for LDAP directory
      2006-02-13 22:25:35  veena28 [View]