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Weblog:   What Happened to my Safari?
Subject:   Releases have become unpredictable
Date:   2005-08-28 13:45:02
From:   sundoggy
Safari used to be my browser of choice. Then with 10.3.9 and whatever that Safari release was that uses the same base as 2.0, things started getting shakey and I had to start clearing out caches all the time. Then 10.4 came out with Safari 2.0 and things seemed better. But then from 10.4.1 - 10.4.3 things became unpredictable, with spinning beach balls, very slow response from UI requests. It got to the point where it sucked. Firefox was my second favorite, so I went in and found a skin that looked like Mac and not a circus, improted my Safari bookmarks and threw the Safari icon off the dock until they get it fixed. I might try the script in the homebrew article to see if that helps, but your def right. What was once the snappiest best Mac browser is an unpredictable slug now.
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  • Releases have become unpredictable
    2005-09-25 16:15:35  GeorgeBezel [View]

    So it was 10.4.3 that did it for you, huh? That's kinda interesting. Then again, people are easily swayed to believe the opinions of others. People even fabricate things in order to make their story seem more legit.

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