Setting Up Vonage with Your PC
Subject:   Skype - a better alternative to Vonnage
Date:   2005-08-27 04:49:44
From:   noBananas
Vonage... charges a flat rate of $24.99 per month for unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada

Using the *free* software I can talk, computer to computer, to anyone else who also has skype. I can reach any Skype user on the globe and talk for free. I use it to talk to my daughter, who is in graduate school in Ireland.

For about 2 cents/minute I can use Skype to call from computer to a phone (cell or land-line) for pretty much anywhere on the globe. All my long distance calls to TELCO numbers are now made with Skype.

My Skype investment? About 30 USD for a usb headset.

Why would I pay Vonnage charges for their limited scope of US and Canada when I can use Skype? Do the math!

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  • Skype - a better alternative to Vonnage
    2006-12-28 22:29:28  GBI [View]

    Skype charges a flat rate as of 1/1/2007 of $29.95 for unlimited to call to Canada and the U.S. Yes you can use it to call other Skype customers but Skype has less than half the features of Vonage. Not to mention Vonage just released Vonage Talk which is a free call software to any Vonage customer or any Vonage Talk user anywhere in the world.

    The international rates of Skype are not 2 cents/minute to most locations they are well over 50 cents a minute to a lot of places. They are 2 cents/minute to the UK which Vonage includes in their calling plans not to mention that Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, Puerto Rico, and Canada are also included in their free calling area of their plans.

    Also the Vonage talk software works as an IM chat. Allowing me to chat for free with anyone.

    Why would I use Skype, when Vonage is better on all fronts at this point?
    • Skype - a better alternative to Vonnage
      2010-01-13 17:32:21  clyman [View]

      I have used Skype for a few years to keep my minutes down on my cell phone. Skype is not designed to take the place of regular phone service where Vonage is. You cannot call 911 from Skype but can from Vonage. At about $30.00 per year to make outgoing calls to the US and Canada without any special equipment except a microphone, which is built in with my laptop, I find Skype to fit my needs very well. Vonage is $300.00 per year which is 10 times the cost of Skype and the calls are always very clear. Of course there is the limitation of 10,000 minutes per month, but that has not been an issue for me.

      My point is that comparing Skype to Vonage is like comparing apples to oranges. They are different services and each one has services some people need where the other one doesn't fit that persons needs. I am going to help my friend set up Vonage in a few days (I have a computer business) where they are changing from Qwest. Skype is made to suppliment whatever service you have, not to replace it.