Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age
Subject:   Broken example
Date:   2005-08-25 00:50:16
From:   drewmccormack
Response to: Broken example

Yes, thanks Charles. It seems I may have unwittingly had environment variables set without realizing it.

As Charles points out, probably the easiest thing to do is add the -h option to your xgrid commands.


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  • Broken example
    2005-08-27 11:11:44  jfconway [View]

    First - thanks for the Xgrid walk-through. It does perhaps need some amendments, however, and even amendments to the amendments! I couldn't get the example to work until I added the -password option, so the working command becomes:

    xgrid -hostname localhost -password <whatever> -grid list

    I feel that I am making progress and I thank you again for the article that got me started.
    • Broken example
      2005-08-27 11:30:15  drewmccormack [View]

      Just to elaborate on this: the reason the article doesn't include the -hostname and -password options is that when I was writing the article, I unwittingly set a couple of environment variables, and forgot to unset them. The environment variables are:
      XGRID_CONTROLLER_PASSWORD and XGRID_CONTROLLER_HOSTNAME. If you set these, you do not need to keep using hte -hostname and -password options.
      To set them, type the following commands on the command line, or add them to your shell configuration file:

      export XGRID_CONTROLLER_PASSWORD=your_password
      export XGRID_CONTROLLER_HOSTNAME=your_hostname

      Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have checked my environment more carefully.

      Drew McCormack