Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age
Subject:   'Authentification' Erratum
Date:   2005-08-24 14:44:55
From:   drewmccormack
Response to: Controller Authentification Erratum

I wish Safari text boxes had automatic spell checking ... 'authentification' is not a word. Please read 'authentication' in my previous post.


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  • 'Authentification' Erratum
    2005-08-26 10:04:55  sjk [View]

    Try enabling "Edit->Spelling->Checking Spelling as You Type".
    • 'Authentification' Erratum
      2005-08-27 11:33:56  drewmccormack [View] everyone knows not only that I can't spell, but also that I'm ignorant of Mac OS X features :-(