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Subject:   Show How to really delete the image...
Date:   2002-04-04 12:02:04
From:   batesc
Response to: Show Image script file -- I second that

How to delete an image and get rid of it from your HDD depends on where you delete it FROM. In iPhoto, if you are in Organize view and are working from the Photo Library list or the Last Import list, and you delete photos, they are completely removed from your system (i.e. they disappear from iPhoto views and the image files are deleted from your hard drive - you get msg "Are you sure you want to permanently remove the selected photo..."). However, if you are working from an album list and delete a photo, all it does is to remove the reference to the picture from the album list (i.e. the image stays on your hard drive and is still in your Photo Library). I think you'l find iTunes works in the same way the respect to deleting tunes from the Library view versus deleting them from within a playlist view.
This explanation makes sense of the conflicting postings in this conversation thread, and suggests that Apple have already provided a decent level of delete functionality.
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  • Show How to really delete the image...
    2004-12-22 19:32:18  vprice [View]

    I had a strange experience today. I created several new albums, and placed photos in them from my last import. Then I deleted them from my last import, and was left with one more cluster of photos, and higlighted all of those and dragged them to another folder. But in the act of dragging, something happened, and some of the other photos that I had just placed in albums--including the last photo of a friend who just died-- vanished. Those albums were totally empty. No message popped up warning me that they would be totally remove. But I can't find the photos--they are gone from last import and the photo library itself!
    Any ideas about retrieving them?