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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   test-cgi causes Internal Server Error
Date:   2002-04-03 15:43:33
From:   danastasi
Response to: test-cgi causes Internal Server Error

OK. I'm no expert, but here's an answer:

That error will only occur if you start apache while logged in to the terminal. Sometimes when starting a daemon from the terminal, OS X will "forget" who started it and/or where. This will happen with daemons other than Apache, too. I've had the same problem with MySQL.

One solution is to make sure that the Apache daemon is being launched on startup, not from the Terminal.

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  • test-cgi causes Internal Server Error
    2002-04-06 14:27:33  scottfeldstein [View]

    Had the same problem as above. "Internal server error" when loading a page with an include to "test-cgi."

    Oddly, I changed the include to trigger "printenv" and it worked fine. It was really puzzling.

    You already know the end of the story. I read the above comments and restarted my server. Works like a charm now. Thanks guys.
    • test-cgi causes Internal Server Error
      2002-04-06 14:28:50  scottfeldstein [View]

      And I will try to get out of the habbig of using html here. Sorry. It's spending too much time on Slashdot. :)