The Realities of Deploying Wireless J2ME Solutions Over Unreliable Networks
Subject:   Interesting article
Date:   2002-04-01 14:19:42
From:   futzy
The article was very interesting. However, I'd like to ask the author if there have been any solutions such as compression algorithms sitting between the server and the client PDA, that can help in reducing the network traffic of binary or most importantly, text based data such as XML. A simple compression mechanism, such as zipping would help reduce the size of code. A decompressor code must always be available at the client in that case. The author is right in mentioning that we would have to have more persistent ways of handling requests, since disconnection is a common problem we can expect.
Great article !!!

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  • Interesting article
    2002-04-17 03:49:51  wilsom [View]

    Compression is one aspect that quite easily be implemented JDK 1.X with the classes (structure from memory) but not J2ME.

    TCPIP is extrememly chatty by it's very nature and the mechanism of request/response again adds excessive communication overheads.

    Take a look at the product iBus//Mobile addresses these issues.

    All The Best