Using JUnit With Eclipse IDE
Subject:   Using JUnit With Eclipse IDE
Date:   2005-08-17 00:38:59
From:   jusloh
A very good piece of work to introduce newbies to JUnit testing. Except for the fact that current Eclipse does not enable the "Finish" button unless you have a HelloWorld class written first(which goes against TDD principles), it is well written.

I disagree with "Carlos" of subject "Check out this viewlet for TDD in Eclipse" that it is too wordy. In fact, when I tried his link and look at his viewlet, it presented a fast moving viewlet that only someone who is well-versed with the article "JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests" (which is a more wordy piece of work) and Eclipse could understand what the viewlet was trying to bring across.

My thanks to Alexander Prohorenko and Olexiy Prohorenko.

Justin Loh

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