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  What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office)
Subject:   Just wish it wasn't so slow....
Date:   2005-08-15 18:03:34
From:   strom
I like the idea of NeoOffice/J, but I don't see it (yet) working as the main suite in a production environment. It takes more than 60 seconds to launch (on my DP 1.8 GHz G5), there are occasional lags between typing a letter and seeing it appear on the screen, and the Open-->file interface looks very un-Mac-like (and more like Windows/X-Windows). But it does work...as improvements are made I could see installing it on student computers in my research lab rather than keep buying additional copies of MS Office. It just has to get faster and clean up the interface.
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  • Just wish it wasn't so slow....
    2005-08-16 11:56:43  richard.albury [View]

    Yep: it's dog slow. I've given up on it; Office on Virtual PC is snappier, which is sad. I like Pages for the word processing work I do, and I hope like heck this Numbers spreadsheet rumor is true...