iBatis DAO
Subject:   Spring?
Date:   2005-08-13 07:58:34
From:   laker2000
Response to: Spring?

No. Spring's DAO layer kinda sucks. For simple stuff is it fine. But as soon as you start using paramerterized queries, stored proc, etc. it becomes more tedious that raw jdbc.
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  • Spring?
    2005-08-17 06:42:04  mraible1 [View]

    What about using Spring's DAO layer to simplify accessing iBATIS? I like it because it allows you to set primary keys w/o having database-specific code in your SQL.xml mapping files (example ( ). Of course, if iBATIS supported JDBC 3.0 and getGeneratedKeys(), there might be a more elegant solution. Last time I checked ( , they didn't support it.