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Subject:   Container analogy
Date:   2005-08-10 14:56:19
From:   Martin_Clausen
"a 20-ton packet as the format, and container port protocol as the protocol" ?

Please explain. 20-ton as a format ? is that 20 feet ? also known as a Twenty feet Equivalent Unit (a TEU). "container port protocol" - which protocol is that ?


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  • Container analogy
    2005-08-15 12:47:52  nickgall [View]

    20-ton packet is my informal way of refering to a TEU. The container shape and load limits are the physical analogy of the IP packet structure and length limits, hence a network "format". As for the "container port protocol", think of what a multiprotocol IP router does: it takes an IP packet off an ATM network and puts it on an Ethernet network. A container port does the same thing between a ship "network" and a "truck" network. In the case of the container port, the protocol is the set of formal and informal rules about which order to put which TEUs where. My slides are available at http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/38/presentations.html .
    • Container analogy
      2005-08-18 08:37:03  Martin_Clausen [View]

      Informal is ok, but TEU means Twenty FEET Equivalent Unit, not Twenty TON Equivalent Unit. Certain weight limitations applies to containers, but they are not related to the term TEU.