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  OSCON 2005: Architecting Freedom
Subject:   the freedom to scale in the downward direction
Date:   2005-08-10 10:29:29
From:   johnreynolds
Having successfully migrated from developing desktop applications to developing browser-based applications, I am predisposed to write borwser-based UIs for everything.

I think we're ready for frameworks that function just as well for local applications as they do for inter-intranet applications.

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  • the freedom to scale in the downward direction
    2005-08-15 13:00:05  nickgall [View]

    Have you seen TiddlyWiki? (http://www.furl.net/item.jsp?id=3379699) It is an entire wiki built in a single web page using the DOM as the engine of state. It's a cool example of a growing number of "single page applications" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Page_Application).