Automator Automation - David Pogue's Podcast #3
Subject:   Won't Download
Date:   2005-08-10 04:37:19
From:   Obi-Wandreas
The poguecast shows up in iTunes (and has since yesterday), but does not download. Error message pops up if I try saying that the network connection could not be made.

I could always download it manually...

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  • Won't Download
    2005-08-16 22:49:58  gslusher [View]

    I got the 8/9 file, but iTunes now says that the URL doesn't look like a valid URL. That's on top of the image link at the beginning of the description. That shows up in iTunes as RAW HTML. That is NOT how one puts an image file with the podcast. Check some of the other podcasts to see how this is done.