The Virtual Internship: Take Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer
Subject:   not that easy
Date:   2005-08-03 04:19:52
From:   jwenting
Most OS projects are not worth being connected to (they're dead in the water, completely irrelevant, and/or not related at all to the line of work you're looking for) and most of the rest won't take on anyone who doesn't have that impressive CV.

And when you do find something that's actually working, interesting, and wants to take you on, chances are it will still not be around for long (at least not in any form that gives you exposure).
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  • re: not that easy
    2005-08-07 01:00:56  dougaus [View]

    jwenting, perhaps no one has responded thus far because no one will dignify this with a response. There are many Open Source projects it would be worth being connected to: probably any of Mozilla's , any of Apache's, any of GNU's, then theres PERL, PHP, Phython, Ruby, GNOME, KDE, Linux, BSD to name but a few. But the list goes on and on. The projects I have named are interesting, successful, very relevant, working and long-lived but there are many, many more -- they know who they are! As far as exposure goes, it seems pretty much based on your contribution which is probably as fair a means as possible.