JBoss: Sun Needs Us
Subject:   Jakarta isn't just Sun/IBM
Date:   2002-03-21 18:35:24
From:   jhunter
As someone involved with Jakarta, I find this statement odd:

> Jakarta is not an open source project
> in the pure community sense anymore.
> It is dominated by Sun/IBM employees.

The people most actively involved with Jakarta are listed at the URL

As you can see for yourself, Sun and IBM have just one representative each on the PMC. And I should point out Craig from Sun was hired by Sun only after he was already prominent in Apache so he could work full time on Apache projects of interest to Sun.

The committers list isn't complete but it shows just four individuals I believe currently work at Sun or IBM. A small handful beyond that are ex employees of Sun or IBM, but their involvement did not start and end at employment. That, in my opinion, indicates Jakarta is a healthy open source project in the "pure community sense".

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  • Jakarta isn't just Sun/IBM
    2002-03-22 02:54:14  ceki [View]

    Anglin: There has been much speculation of late regarding JBoss and
    Apache Jakarta. Could JBoss become a Jakarta project?

    Was anyone aware of this speculation? I sure wasn't.

    As for Jakarta not being an open source project in the pure community
    sense anymore, that is simply not true and Mark's statement was

    JBoss has much in common with Jakarta and the Apache Software
    Foundation as a whole. The two are natural allies. We should not waste
    our time and energy bickering among us.

    I intend to interpret Mark's comment on Jakarta as a call for dialogue
    rather than an attack.