All About Spotlight - David Pogue's Podcast #1
Subject:   Works with iTunes
Date:   2005-07-25 18:23:15
From:   invalidname

Copy URL from the linked text "O'Reilly Network Podcast" above (the URL is ), go to iTunes, choose "Subscribe to Podcast" from the "Advanced" menu, and paste the URL into the dialog.

-Chris (invalidname)

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  • Works with iTunes
    2005-07-28 00:40:52  judyray [View]

    I did this, and it is still an invalid podcast.
  • Works with iTunes
    2005-07-26 16:45:22  Michael Brewer | [View]

    Possibly easier is to drag the link "O'Reilly Network Podcast" into Itunes and drop it on the Podcasts source.