Mod_python's PSP: Python Server Pages
Subject:   mod_python PSP is redundant
Date:   2005-07-20 13:59:35
From:   MPHellwig
Response to: mod_python PSP is redundant

I took a look a both and my conclusion is that both are capable of producing the exact same output with equal performance, the differents is more personal preference:
- If you want PHP _like_ functionality with Python and no templating, go for Spyce
- If you want Python programming with PHP _like_ functionality, go for mod_python and templating PSP
- If your choice is between PSP with Spyce or mod_python, go for Spyce or Spyce on mod_python if you need the performance
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  • mod_python PSP is redundant
    2006-02-22 11:59:59  jon_perez [View]

    make that custom tags... ala JSP... a superior-to-templating feature that PHP doesn't have at all.
  • mod_python PSP is redundant
    2006-02-22 11:55:47  jon_perez [View]

    While Spyce may not have templates per se, it supports tags and active handlers which can be so much more powerful than templates, yet easy to understand and learn at the same time.