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Subject:   I'll be there
Date:   2005-07-14 11:37:30
From:   andy-lester
You're a match on three out of four of your tutorials with mine.

I'll be giving two presentations:
* Preventing Crisis: Project Estimation and Tracking That Works
* Practical Perl Testing

And here's my oreillynet blog:

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  • Geoff Broadwell photo Re: I'll be there
    2005-07-14 12:52:07  Geoff Broadwell | [View]

    Earlier on the press conference call they stated that Perl Best Practices was filling up, and Learning Ajax (my second choice for that timeslot) was setting attendance records, so that one may be changing.
    I was planning to attend Practical Perl Testing -- it was one of the few sessions I was sure about -- and your other presentation sounds interesting too. Hmmmm. So many options, so few timeslots . . . .
    Thanks for the blog link!

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