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  POJO Application Frameworks: Spring Vs. EJB 3.0
Subject:   Fatally Flawed Article
Date:   2005-07-12 10:49:51
From:   TS133T
Response to: Fatally Flawed Article

Spring is not standard it is a integration tollkit (I dont even want to say framework because its not based on abstraction but contains implementations against abstraction such as AOP, JMX, JMS, EJB and ect) between standards.
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  • Fatally Flawed Article
    2005-07-12 10:58:22  MichaelYuan [View]

    That is why Spring apps contain vendor-dependent integration code (and XML files). Why not make Spring a standard in JCP -- so that all vendors can implement portable integration "toolkits"? Java has a strong tradition to standardize interactions between "components".

    In fact, EJB 3 does some DI (integration) standardization already. Why not Spring?