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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Errors in the end
Date:   2005-07-08 07:46:22
From:   curth
Response to: Errors in the end

This looks like the same problem that Peter just resolved above in the post "Couldn't find Recipe without an ID". Please try his solution.
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  • Errors in the end
    2005-07-08 13:24:40  PGomez [View]

    To get past the list.rhtml page, I omitted the line 18 that states

    <td><%= recipe.category.name %></td>

    Now it enables me to see the page, but still is not doing me any good since it did not solve the problem. With that, on the edit.rhtml I changed line 24 to:

    <%= 'selected' if category.id == @recipe.category_id %>>

    Instead of:

    <%= 'selected' if category.id == @recipe.category.id %>>

    Does that make sense with that second change? Thanks!
  • Errors in the end
    2005-07-08 12:26:24  PGomez [View]

    I tried it and still getting the same issue and same errors. I am sorry to be posting this, but still learning and not familiar enough to get this one going.