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Subject:   Couldn't find Recipe without an ID
Date:   2005-07-08 06:01:09
From:   Peter_Kehl_TBWA
When using Rails 0.13.0 (with ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) ), after reference from Recipe to Category is added, submission of form doesn't work. It submits to, which shows an following error:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in Recipe#update
Couldn't find Recipe without an ID
Show framework trace


Parameters: {"recipe"=>{"title"=>"Happy Chips", "id"=>"1", "category_id"=>"2", "description"=>"Only for the brave!", "instructions"=>" Grab a few chips from your colleague. Ask first.\r\n "}}

A solution is to change the Edit Recipe edit.rhtml.

The line that was:

<input id="recipe_id" name="recipe[id]" size="30" type="hidden" value="<%= @recipe.id %>" />

should be:

<input id="id" name="id" type="hidden" value="<%= @recipe.id %>" />
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  • Couldn't find Recipe without an ID
    2005-08-16 01:07:29  SixSide [View]

    I encountered the same problem. I ended up with a different solution:

    <form action="../update/" method="POST">


    <form action="../update/<%= @recipe.id %>" method="POST">

    Would anyone like to offer an 'official' response as to which of these 2 methods is the prefered Rails way?