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  POJO Application Frameworks: Spring Vs. EJB 3.0
Subject:   But yet you work for JBoss?
Date:   2005-07-08 02:31:59
From:   komatiberry
A well written and very subtle attack on Spring?

To quote from your web site (http://www.michaelyuan.com/):
"Currently, I am happily employed by a fast growing software company called JBoss."

JBoss has vested interests in EJB3 and not in Spring.

I'm not attacking EJB3, but ask that the above article be read open-eyed.

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  • But yet you work for JBoss?
    2005-07-09 23:17:58  MichaelYuan [View]

    Actually, I wish JBoss were paying me to write this article. ;) It did not. This article only reflects my personal opinion.

    In fact, while JBoss is one of the many EJB 3.0 supporters, we support customers running Spring on our servers. We have "vested interests" in both Spring and EJB 3.0. As I mentioned in the article, a major strength of EJB 3.0 is that it is a standard -- not a JBoss proprietary thing. If I had an evil plot to promote JBoss in the article, I would have suggested using Hibernate + JBossCache + JBoss MC instead of either EJB 3.0 or Spring. ;)