Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Date:   2002-03-11 07:09:06
From:   dani0100
Great article here. If anyone's looking for similar guides on fun things to do with OS X, drop by for news, views, guides, and an OS X only forum.

I'd be interested in seeing something on cool tricks using PHP and MySQL on OS X. That's next on my list of Guides to creat.


Miguel Danielson

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    2002-03-12 09:36:50  swanilda [View]

    I agree with the request for the next lesson: a guide to using MySQL with PHP on OSX. I managed to stumble through this lesson and get things working according to directions, but I am not sure I understand what to do with it next. I did a SQL tutorial (with online SQL interpreter), but where does one actually create the tables using the SQL commands...right in the terminal? In a text editor? In combo with php as .php document that goes on the server? Forgive the dumb questions...this is all so new!
    Thanks for your generosity in creating these detailed lessons.

      2002-03-12 10:56:31  swanilda [View]

      Well, upon a little more investigation, I think I found answers to my questions...which are actually all answered in the affirmative. You can use all of these tools. I did manage to figure out that when I get the mysql> screen, that's where I begin entering CREATE table "name" and the columns, contraints, values. So...I made my first database in the terminal. I would still love to see more tricks such as the OSX Guide person requested. Thanks again for a great tutorial!