Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   editing /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf breaks web access to Sites folder
Date:   2002-03-10 14:37:39
From:   grosventre
Following the examples in this very informative article, I edited the /etc/httpd/users/michaelh.conf file. After saving it and trying to access, I get nothing but a 404 error, as seemingly the Sites folder is no longer being served by apache. Suggestions?
Thank you,
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  • Morbus Iff photo editing /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf breaks web access to Sites folder
    2002-03-11 16:49:07  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Suggestions? Not really, except that whatever change you made is causing the issue. Do you still have an index.htm or index.html file in that directory? What does your error.log show you? What are the contents of your username.conf file? Are you sure it's a 404 error that you're getting?
    • editing /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf breaks web access to Sites folder
      2002-03-11 19:15:38  grosventre [View]

      Yes, there is an index.html fil. The error_log entries relevant are:
      [Mon Mar 11 19:55:59 2002] [error] [client] File does not exist: /Users/michaelh/public_html/
      [Mon Mar 11 19:56:58 2002] [error] [client] File does not exist: /Users/michaelh/public_html/index.html

      After various incarnations, the username.conf file now looks like this:

      <Directory "/Users/michaelh/Sites/">
      Options Includes Indexes Multiviews
      AllowOverride None
      Order deny,allow
      Deny from all
      Allow from
      ScriptAlias /~michaelh/cgi-bin/ "/Users/michaelh/Sites/cgi-bin/"

      Pretty much per one of your examples

      The error page:

      Not Found
      The requested URL /~michaelh/index.html was not found on this server.

      Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80

      and if that's not a 404 error, I haven't been configuring apache on FreeBSD boxes for the past five years :)

      I definitely appreciate these articles,. as they help make testing my cgi work much easier locally.

      Thanks for any ideas you may come up with,
      • Morbus Iff photo editing /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf breaks web access to Sites folder
        2002-03-13 20:10:28  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

        Whoa, where did this "public_html" directory come from, as per your error message? "public_html" is the equivalent of "Sites", only for other distributions like Redhat, SuSE, and so on and so forth - its kinda like the default user website directory.

        Open up your httpd.conf file and do a search for the UserDir directive. That should be set to "Sites", not "public_html". If it's not, do a search on the rest of the conf file for "public_html" - that's what's causing your problem.
        • editing /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf breaks web access to Sites folder
          2002-03-14 10:50:31  grosventre [View]

          at one point, after breaking my httpd.conf, I had to restore it from the httd.conf.bak that was included in my apache. Following your prompt, I found the lines:

          <IfModule mod_userdir.c>
          UserDir public_html

          After replacing the public_html, with Sites, as well as a couple of other tweaks to httpd.conf with respect to the other directories, my Sites folders behave identically to my /Library/Webserver/ folder.

          I suppose the httpd.conf.bak, was a generic Apache backup file(?), using the public_html directory , instead of Sites, or htdocs (my accusatomed Free BSD default.

          Mystery solved. Thanks!