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  Three-Tier Development with PHP 5
Subject:   This is...
Date:   2005-07-03 19:43:12
From:   gremlinx
..quite literally trash.

The author has includes under the webroot.
(It would be best if your application directory sat PARALLEL to your template folder, include folders and class files. Also a /conf & a /ini directory PARALLEL to the application pages would be logical.)

He encourage illogical include practices.
(Smarty should not need to be copied to your application directory. Easier.. toss it in a folder under your php install and add the path to your include_path setting in php.ini.)

Second encouraging a user to turn register globals on instead of fixing your code is downright retarded. As is, your examples don't work on any system with short tags off and register globals off.. which in my experience is almost all hosts.

If anyone wants a zip copy of this in a working fashion with .sql dumps and the table schemas feel free to email me @ Abba.Bryant AT gmail.com

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  • This is...
    2005-11-26 23:20:39  infolock [View]

    ignorance is bliss...

    obviously, this article isn't only meant for advanced users and production sites. It's meant as a stepping stone, not as a "DO THIS AND ONLY THIS".

    Retards like you are why I never post tutorials. Because you are just looking for anything to say "HEY, LOOK AT ME! I can bash people without even considering my thoughts!"

    Write an article, then come back. Because when you do, you can rest-assure that I will be bashing you homie.