Tweaking Tiger Mail
Subject:   Get back the Panther look of Mail
Date:   2005-07-02 02:39:49
From:   arngrimur
If you like to retrieve the Panther look of the toolbar instead of the crappy Tiger look it's very easy without the use of any external programs.

Select in your applications folder and Ctrl-click to open a drop down menu. Select 'Show Package Contents'

Open Contents -> Resources

Find all .toolbar files (There are four of them) and open them.

Change all ' segmented = 1; ' to segmented = 0; '

This will alter the toolbar to use the old Panther icons . You the have add the the buttons and create the layout you want with ' Customize Toolbar ' menu option.

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  • Get back the Panther look of Mail
    2005-07-20 13:24:42  qka [View]

    These changes do work as arngrimur claims.

    I tried them and found that they have one drawback. By removing the "lozenge", Mail has to vertically resize the icons. They are not resized horizontally. The result is ugly stretched icons.

    I'm going to undo the changes described and either live with the Tiger changes or try one of the other options described in the feedback.