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Subject:   lost playlist on iTunes
Date:   2005-07-01 09:08:29
From:   sierra808
I LOST my playlist on iTunes after I was prompted to upgrade to a newer version of iTunes. Try as I might I have no idea and can NOT find my music.I had almost 1000 cds I put into this thing.Are they all gone forever now?? SIGH.
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  • David Miller photo lost playlist on iTunes
    2005-07-07 17:12:32  David Miller | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Installing iTunes 4.9 will back up your older iTunes music library and place a copy of it in your ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries/ folder. From there you should be able to grab a copy of your old playlists... Good luck!
    • lost playlist on iTunes
      2007-07-12 10:14:59  screennameasdf [View]

      The same thing happened to me but how do I download iTunes 4.9? I can't find it anywhere...