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Subject:   access from controller for :searchtext
Date:   2005-06-29 21:43:10
From:   vcosby
Response to: access from controller for :searchtext

Thanks for your help, but I'm still getting nil for the param value.

Here's the code. Even tried adding a form tag around it, but no luck.


<form action="/demo" method="get">
<label for="searchtext">Live Search:</label>
<%= text_field_tag :searchtext %>
<%= observe_field(:searchtext,
:frequency => 1,
:url => { :controller => "demo",
:action => :live_search },
:update => "search_hits") -%>

Search Results:

<div id="search_hits"></div>


def live_search
render_text @params[:searchtext]

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  • access from controller for :searchtext
    2005-06-29 22:14:32  vcosby [View]

    maybe the api changed. it appears you have to grab it from the request's raw post or querystring.

    def live_search
    render_text "you searched for: " +
    request.raw_post || request.query_string

    • access from controller for :searchtext
      2005-10-10 11:11:52 [View]

      I had the same problem. I had forgotten to include the library
      <%= javascript_include_tag "prototype" %>
      • access from controller for :searchtext
        2005-12-09 12:21:43  kevinmarshall [View]

        I was having a little trouble getting this to work I added in a VERY generic in

        render_text @params.inspect

        This will show you all the fields you can access via the params ... you'll probably notice that the searchtext isn't listed, but rather the value you entered is being put there (at least that was my case) ... using the :with => "'searchtext='+value" mentioned above solved my problem ... but I thought it was worth mentioning this simple debugging approach for params