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  Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware
Subject:   concerning fan noise
Date:   2005-06-29 04:36:04
From:   Guust
It surprised me you chose a motherboard with a chipset fan. I suggest replacing the fan with a chipset passive heatsink. Furthermore u placed 2 casefans into the back ... aren't these quite noisy too ?

Maybe a good look on the airflow design might decrease the number of fans to actually 1 for the PSU and even that one could be really silent.

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  • Matthew Gast photo concerning fan noise
    2005-07-01 10:16:40  Matthew Gast | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    The motherboard with a chipset fan was my mistake, and I definitely plan to replace it with a passive northbridge cooler this month.

    The case fans came with the case. They are not too loud because I used the power supply to slow them down. The biggest noise problem is actually the CPU heat sink fan, which I plan to replace with a Zalman cooler when I replace the northbridge fan.

    The PSU fan almost never spins, and is nearly always dead silent.
    • concerning fan noise
      2005-09-24 07:00:52  The_Dude [View]

      >which I plan to replace with a Zalman cooler when I replace the northbridge fan.

      I got the Reserator 1 Plus because it had the quick disconnects, black finish, and included the VGA cooling block. I love it. One note on the Northbridge - neither Zalman system comes with one (marketed as optional) and apparently they aren't even available in the USA yet. I just used an extra VGA cooler - similar enough that it's an easy mod. Only down side is the pump doesn't automatically switch with the PC. I'm adding a solid-state relay to do that. But the coolers are excellent and totally quiet. You have to put your head by the tower to hear the pump and can only hear it if the room is quiet.