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  Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware
Subject:   Minor Error
Date:   2005-06-28 17:12:06
From:   Robstafarian
In the CPU section of the article you state: "Intel's Dothan core, used in the Pentium 4 Mobile processor, is simply astounding, with a thermal design power of between 3 and 21 watts."

The Dothan core is not used in the Pentium 4 Mobile processor. The Dothan core is used in the Pentium M processor (it is the successor to the original Banias core), the CPU at the heart of Intel's Centrino mobile platform. I know it's confusing, blame Stef Murky's counterpart at Intel.

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  • Matthew Gast photo Minor Error
    2005-07-01 10:41:43  Matthew Gast | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Robstafarian is absolutely right. I certainly meant to type "Pentium M" instead of "Pentium 4 Mobile"! The Pentium M is a very costly chip, and depending on the clock speed, can be even most costly than a P4M.