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  The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Possible New Mac User
Date:   2002-03-05 20:43:08
From:   derrick
An interesting letter I just received:


Thank you for your article on the changing face of the Mac community.
I speak not as a current Mac user, nor indeed as someone who has
ever even touched a Mac, but as a Linux user who wants a neat laptop.

Because all of the things that are wrong with my Dell Inspiron would
be so much better if I went and bought a Mac laptop: the power management
would be better, it would be lighter, it would be quieter, it would be built properly...

I certainly come from the geek side of things, there's no doubt about
that. I'm an alumnus of the early 80s UK computer boom, so I speak
not of Apples and Commodores but of Sinclairs and Acorns, but I like
knowing what the computer is doing, and I like the computer to behave
in a predicatable manner. The lack of transparency and predicitability is
just one of the things I intesnely dislike about Windows (even though
I work with it every day) and what I love about Linux (and Unix in
general). So Mac OS X is a big, big win for me.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know that reading the opinions
of so many MacOS users, both those cheered and those disaffected,
has pushed me a little further towards stumping up the cash for a Mac laptop.

Keep up the good work. Who knows, I might even be able to persuade
my girlfriend to give up her Windows machine...

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  • Possible New Mac User
    2002-03-06 15:18:00  tomp2002 [View]

    I have about half a dozen geek friends. Most are system admins or write Windows software.

    Every one of them is now doing virtually all their computing on a TiBook or iBook.. They have VPC for Windows stuff, Office X, and all have some flavor of Linux (no FreeBSD users in the group yet).

    One long time friend ordered a TiBook day one. Since formatting it hasn't seen any version of the Mac OS, just Mandrake distro of Linux. I keep bugging him about OS X. He bought X day one and has the 10.1 upgrade disk.......he keeps saying "maybe tomorrow."

    What he's really saying is that if OS X 10.1 had been available Day 1 when he received his new TiBook he'd be running it instead of Linux.....there's no doubt in my mind that sooner or later he'll get 'roun tuit and Linux will be history. He already has X Server 10.1 software on one of his smaller LANs and likes it.....

    'roun tuit will come