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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   PHP.INI
Date:   2002-03-04 08:46:45
From:   kuacweb
Response to: PHP.INI

Thanks! We tried it and it works, however, has anyone noticed a slow response on mail forms? Everything else seems very fast, PHP or not - but the mail forms can take up to 15-20 seconds even for a very simple form.
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    2002-04-09 12:19:16  pbljung [View]

    I created /usr/local/lib/php/php.ini containing
    [mail function]
    SMTP = smtp.mac.com
    sendmail_from = pbljung@mac.com

    and restarted apache, but I still can't get mail() to work. Any tips?
    • PHP.INI
      2002-10-30 19:28:31  edwardd20 [View]

      Did you ever get your mail() function working? I'm trying the same thing and so far can't get it working. I have managed to get the sendmail to send a command directly, but when I try it with PHP and mail(), I get a message in /var/log/mail.log that reads gethostbyaddr( failed: 3. I do have the PHP.INI file as described above and my test.php script shows it being set properly.

    2002-05-30 10:20:56  mdar [View]

    Hi I'm just beginning with PHP, can someone tell me how to create a php.ini file either from OS 10.1.4 standard install or from Marc Liyanages

    • PHP.INI
      2003-03-20 14:47:19  anonymous2 [View]

      Hi Did you solve this problem
    • PHP.INI
      2003-06-03 04:02:12  anonymous2 [View]

      Do this:

      Make the directory first

      sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib

      Then make the file and restart apache

      sudo touch /usr/local/lib/php.ini

      and BiNgO you have a PHP.ini file ;-)