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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   Internal Server Error
Date:   2002-03-03 14:50:55
From:   philocon
Response to: Internal Server Error

Problem "solved".

I took a look at System Preferences' Network panel . Strange things must have been going on there. My IP address was 555.555.555.555 etc etc. So I simply restarted my machine, and everything worked fine again, except for this: In the window's title bar, it still says: 500 Internal Server Error.

Although I don't understand these things very well, I very much enjoy the articles about Web-Serving.

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  • Internal Server Error
    2002-04-03 15:46:52  danastasi [View]

    Your problem seems to have been solved only because you restarted your machine. But, it may crop up again. I just replied to someone else's post about this, so here it is...

    That error will only occur if you start apache while logged in to the terminal. Sometimes when starting a daemon from the terminal, OS X will "forget" who started it and/or where. This will happen with daemons other than Apache, too. I've had the same problem with MySQL.

    One solution is to make sure that the Apache daemon is being launched on startup, not from the Terminal.