Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Using GoLive with Apache on OS X
Date:   2002-02-25 13:26:41
From:   mbassadork
I've got my website up and running (as long as I can keep my son from putting the iMac to sleep) and would now like to use GoLive to update the site remotely. How do I configure FTP on the iMac (webserver) to allow access to a specific user/password to the website directory?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • Using GoLive with Apache on OS X
    2002-08-09 09:26:02  redleader [View]

    Simply turn on FTP Sharing below the Web Sharing button, give your iMac an IP number and use the username and password you setyup in your users control panel.