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Subject:   The Case "file"?
Date:   2005-06-12 00:19:02
From:   JohnKuang
Can you tell me how to deal with the case "file"?
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  • The Case "file"?
    2007-05-30 07:46:34  profesjonalna [View]

    Thank You for another very interesting article. It's really good written and I fully agree with You on main issue, btw. I must say that I really enjoyed reading all of Your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… it makes you think more. So please try to keep up the great work all the time. Greetings
    Tomasz Gorski
  • The Case "file"?
    2005-06-12 11:10:13  fleegix [View]

    Not sure exactly what you mean. Could you clarify your question a bit?
    • The Case "file"?
      2005-08-09 07:10:16  dephaz [View]

      I think JohnKuang wants to talk about the case of an input file in the formData2QueryString function ?
      • The Case "file"?
        2005-12-07 05:11:14  UniqueScreenName [View]

        Handling the "file" input type is probably not possible in this way. The browser won't allow code to see the contents of the file for security reasons.