Building Web Parts, Part 2
Subject:   errors...
Date:   2005-06-11 19:06:15
From:   jtoth

First of all, when I do what you said to do in Part 1, the web zones show up in IE but they do not have the down arrow in the top right corner giving the option to minimize/close the element in the zone. Why would this be?

Secondly, in this Part 2, I tried adding the code to let the user choose design mode from the radio button list. When they try, it gives the error message:

The specified display mode is currently disabled on this page. Make sure personalization is enabled for the current user.
Parameter name: value

I am using SQL Server 2000. I tried adding everything into the Web.Config file, and I have set up the aspnetdb database in SQL Server 2000 so that is not the problem.

Thanks for any help you would have for this...


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    2006-03-03 09:40:44  CKLAslan [View]

    I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution ?
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      2008-05-19 23:00:28  AtulonWeb [View]


      make sure to uncheck the option Anonymous Access from properties of your virtual directory ->directory Security -> Edit.

      Best of luck
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      2006-07-25 02:08:07  the_fuehrer [View]

      ummm... for the close/minimise option to go set the "CloseVerb-Visible" property of the webZone to false.
      The minimise option will stay, but how much harm can it do?.:) .. besides it kinda gives it a cool look.