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Subject:   Obscure?
Date:   2005-06-11 12:47:51
From:   davidbeard
Response to: Obscure?

oh let them have their fun ;) - where would web developers be without a bandwagon to jump upon ?

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  • Obscure?
    2005-06-13 18:13:56  Nerdmaster [View]

    Er... have their fun? When somebody big like google jumps on a "bandwagon", and creates the first really easy to use web app for maps / directions, you gotta wonder if it's really that much of a "bandwagon" after all... then again, developers that don't like to learn new things tend to call them bandwagons to justify their ignorance. Oh well.
    • Obscure?
      2006-04-07 08:57:17  ultimatewisdom [View]

      Google also have Google Personalised/Personalized dont forget.