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  Ajax on Rails
Subject:   hosting platforms
Date:   2005-06-10 07:15:29
From:   msporleder
Has anyone found many hosting services supporting Ruby at all? Mine is reluctant to add php5 support.
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  • hosting platforms
    2006-03-01 00:09:19  TechNeck [View]

    I guess they all have their quirks.

    So far though, I've not found anyone to beat out these guys I've been hosting with for the last two years:

    www.dreamhost.goldenpath.org (http://www.dreamhost.goldenpath.org)

    Debian Systems

    Basic plan ($8/mnth) includes,

    • Unlimited Domains

    • 20GB Disk

    • 1 TB Transfer

    • 75 Shell Accounts

    • Lots of unlimited goodies

    • Very responsive to customer base feedback

    • Constantly expanding, very flexible

    Ruby is currently at version 1.8.2

    Rails 1.0.0

    Although, I like to control my own versioning and so I install my own ruby system under ~/local/
  • hosting platforms
    2005-07-08 17:50:32  ritcheyer [View]

    www.1and1.com $4.99/month for lots of stuff AND ruby support.
  • hosting platforms
    2005-06-10 16:50:17  Davidb834 [View]

    I host my Dev applications with Steel Pixel. It is run by a developers and have always been very reliable. They were actually the first few to offer ruby on rails and i know they have PHP 5. just my recommendation Steel Pixel
  • hosting platforms
    2005-06-10 12:01:46  bsw1971 [View]

    phpwebhosting.com also supports Ruby. I emailed them about Rails and they said, "We currenly do not offer rails pre-installed, but you are allowed to install it onto your own account. We have clients who have done so." I personally host with them, and I've always had great service.

    • hosting platforms
      2005-06-13 06:28:23  amitsnyderman [View]

      Interesting considering that they're only on version 1.6.x of Ruby, and Rails requires 1.8+. Anyways, great hosting server that I recommend to everybody.
  • Robby Russell photo hosting platforms
    2005-06-10 08:43:17  Robby Russell | O'Reilly Author [View]

    PHP5 and Ruby on Rails support!

    • hosting platforms
      2007-08-08 17:43:22  panerai25 [View]

      afmu.com (http://www.afmu.com/) Support Ruby as well and is fairly affordable.
  • Curt Hibbs photo hosting platforms
    2005-06-10 07:51:12  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Try planetargon.com and textdrive.com.