Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Ruby with Rails broken on XP
Date:   2005-06-10 01:18:28
From:   5pentagons
Ruby on Rails won't install on XP. It hangs on "updating Gem source index."

I'm not using a firewall (other than the minor one on my router) and have no proxy.

I thought this was supposed to be simple?

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  • Ruby with Rails broken on XP
    2005-06-11 20:04:21  peterspitz [View]

    This also happened to me. It looked like it was hanging, but I just waited and eventually it finished.

    However, when it finished, all it said was that it had installed the rails analyzer. And that wasn't good enough to be able to do the tutorial.

    So I looked around on the internet and found that someone had solved this exact problem by using the command line:

    gem install Rails -b -v 0.12.1

    instead of what was specified in the tutorial.

    I did that and, lo and behold, it installed everything it was supposed to! Yes!

    I then did the tutorial. This is cool technology and worth the effort to try it.

    Hope this helps,