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Subject:   non-greedy regular expressions is the common term
Date:   2005-06-09 21:51:35
From:   wixton
not reluctant, or generous. regular expressions were popularized most by perl, and in that community and others) the terminology is non-greedy regular expressions. a search shows it's mostly java heads who are using this alternate terminology.
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  • non-greedy regular expressions is the common term
    2005-06-22 05:52:42  GregWilson [View]

    Yes, but (a) there are more Java heads out there than Perl heads (even today), and (b) I believe the term "reluctant" pre-dates the first version of Perl by about twenty years. And let's face it --- if I used the term "non-greedy", some Java head would have complained (and some Lisp programmer would have pointed out that "non-greedy" is ambiguous, since there are N different ways to define pattern matching that aren't strictly greedy, all of which are implemented by the following set of mutually-recursive functions...)