It's True! Jobs Switches to Intel: A Review of the WWDC 05 Keynote
Subject:   Intel umm..
Date:   2005-06-08 11:44:50
From:   NeuralizR
Response to: Intel umm..

Did you buy a Mac specifically to have PPC inside? Not just for the OS and the company that made the machine?

Keep in mind that if they're going to make an OS that runs on standard Intel hardware that already runs Windows, you'll be able to run it on AMD as well.

If you can't do that and it only runs on Apple made Intel Mac systems, then you're just where you were before, running MacOS on an Apple made piece of hardware. Who cares what kind of processor it has as long as it performs well. If you buy the top fo the line, you expect to get something competitive and benchmarks have shown that Intel CPUs are just as competitive as the G5s. The only places where Intel lost in Apple's benchmarks were places where they didn't turn on any optimizations and compiled for plain x86 that'd run on a 486 machine.

Point being, if it's still "an Apple Mac", what is your problem, really? Are you saying you don't like Apple anymore because of the chip they chose? Or do you just want to make a display of zealous bigotry?

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  • Intel umm..
    2005-06-22 00:35:55  zanyterp [View]

    i do not buy apple hardware and mac merely for the ppc inside; that is just an added bonus. it's a better chip and it is not mainstream. am i disappointed that the rumors are true? yes. do i wish apple had gone with AMD? yes. will i still buy macs after the switch to intel? yes....just won't be quite the same as some of the uniqueness is gone. the uniqueness i am referring to is that of the machine (hardware) and the os all together. but i am looking forward to a new system in a few years when i can afford it again and it will probably have an intel chip inside (hopefully 64 bit).

    and i would not be so sure about the ability to run os x on an amd machine (depending on the validity of other rumors to that effect). but even if i could, i would still buy apple-made macs because of the design facter that comes with it.

    • Intel umm..
      2005-12-16 12:37:22  Randall311 [View]

      It will run on Intel or AMD, just like Windows and Linux do. AMD has all of the same instruction sets as intel does, they are both the x86 architecture, and they are both currently making chips that support SSE3, as well as all of the other older optimizations for this architecture. IBM made a concious decision to refocus their attention with the PPC to the gaming world, where they found with the Xbox that the $$$ involved is far more lucrative then 2-5% of the computer market share that Apple has. Apple simply didn't want to pay the extra cash necessary to have IBM engineer a competitive G5 chip for mobile computers.

      That said, you all should take notice that Steve Jobs is extremely good friends with the Intel CEO, as he used to work with him closely back in the days of NeXTSTEP x86. Don't tell me you didn't see this coming...