Sliding into WebDAV
Subject:   Corrections for A Simple Example code
Date:   2005-06-06 07:36:05
From:   MikeWilkinson
Response to: Corrections for A Simple Example code


I cannot thank you enough!!!
I was having the same issue and you saved me an enormous amount of grief!

Thanks so much!
I hope some day maybe I can post something that will help you or others as you helped me.

You are the man!

p.s. Thanks to the original article author as well even though there were a couple corrections that needed made for Slide 2.1 the article was helpful.

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  • Corrections for A Simple Example code
    2008-02-21 16:48:11  WEBDAV [View]

    Hi ,

    I am new to WEBDAv,

    HttpURL hrl = new HttpURL("http://apsw0442evs/exchange/user/Inbox/?Cmd=contents#");
    wdr= new WebdavResource(hrl);

    Currently i am using this code to get a connection to microsoft exchange server.But i need some assistance how to retrieve emails from Inbox folder.

    Provide me the running code if you have....