Connecting Mac OS X to Windows PCs
Subject:   Connecting mac and pc
Date:   2005-06-05 21:47:06
From:   jonathane40
Hi, i have been trying to connect my powerbook with my dell laptop. I was able to do it but only when i turned the firewall in the pc off. I want to know how can i do it having the firewall on?

Also, when i go to GO on the Finder menu and click on Connect to Server, my PC does not appear there. Do i need to create a network in my pc first? Because i never had to create a new network when i installed my lynksys router. Well thanks for your tome.

Jonathan T

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  • Connecting mac and pc
    2005-07-10 00:30:38  itsmywill [View]

    under Connect to Server, type in


    replace w/ your PC's ip address & your PC's shared folder name